Seasons End and Kyle Rittenhouse Thoughts

Listen to the last episode of Season 1 as we discuss Thanksgiving and thoughts on the Season. We also get into our thoughts as Law Enforcement on the Kyle...

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Alan Brosnan SAS Legend Part 1 of 2

You don't want to miss this great episode of our interview with legendary Commando of the New Zealand SAS.  This is a two part episode where we talk through...

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The Lightning Round

Weird Stuff

Shane and Jabo get into numerous topics and get a little weird and little funny.  This episode is for sure to entertain and make it worth your time.  Listen...

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Weird Things

Personal Preparedness

Join Shane and Jabo as they discuss personal and family preparedness.  Safety tips and just all-around good stewardship of safety.  Share this with those you love and let us...

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A Civilians Voice Of Experience

Jabo and Shane Interview a good friend Steven who is an avid gun enthusiast, professional shooter, and trainer.  They discuss everything from personal protection, constitutional rights, finances and how...

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Check in and listen up to your buddies Shane and Jabo as they dive into topics of Leadership.  You'll love this episode as we talk about the good and...

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The Lost Art of Thinking

Join Shane & Jabo on Episode 3 of the Guild Podcast.  In this episode, we will discuss the lost art of critical thinking and how our kids are being...

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Lessons Learned & Applied

Shane and Jabo discuss some of their most impactful books and the lessons they took from them and how they apply to us daily.  Combine this information with a...

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9-11 20 Years Later

Introduction to the Guild-Podcast, and what is a Guild?Get to know a little about who Shane and Jabo are.Step back 20 years on the day of 9-11. Where were you...

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